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Nice one...

Got some other info...

For UK shooters the exchange rate is 15 ZAR to 1

I have also asked the SAFTAA a couple of questions about the event, the replies are below :

We are in the process of finalizing the venue where the Worlds will take place. We are looking at hiring a place where there is accommodation, camping facilities and ablutions on the premises for most of the participants.

Please just note at this point in time that the website is still being developed after hours, so you may not find all the detail there just yet.

As far as safety is concerned: yes there are areas that need to be avoided, but the venue is not close to any of these. You will be safe when you hire a car at the airport and drive to the venue. *

* Erica advises the precaution of keeping doors locked during trips and just being observant and traffic stops. However, to put this into perspective this is my standard practice for traveling around parts of London and the US, so I don't think this aspect is something to be overtly concerned about.

As far as flights are concerned... a bit of diggin has shown that inc taxes around 600 covers the flights. It would be interesting to see if that price can be beaten, if you know of a good source, post it for the benefit of others.

Car hire can be anything from 100 to 500 per week, depending on size of car and how many you wish to fit in it. People might consider sharing a car or two, so post if your up for that.

Erica replied very quickly to my questions. If you have any other info, please post it here for the benefit of others. Also, if you know of England shooters who are thinking about going, but are not web connected, please PM me for my contact details so we can keep as many people in the loop as possible.


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