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When I bought the Steyr secondhand, it was basically set up as an FT rig but I shoot HFT exclusively (at the moment).

The rifle came with a Steyr weaver bridge & matching Signature Zee mounts, and a Deben 10-50x 56mm scope. I've also got a Hawke Sidewinder 30 6-24x 56mm, a pair of BKL medium mounts and I've ordered a MTC Viper 10x 44mm scope to see what it's like so I have a number of different combinations to choose from.

I've heard a few people saying that ideally in FT you want to get the scope as high as possible (weaver bridge), but in HFT you want to get the scope as low as possible. Is this true? Is it really the end of the world if I continue to use the weaver bridge, and what disadvantage would I be at?

The BKL medium mounts seem quite high (higher than the Hawke high mounts that came with the scope).

Which would be your ideal combo out of the choice that I have? Viper on BKL?


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