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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
Thanks to all who turned up at LV for the first round of the 2010 UKAHFT season.

Thanks also for your kind comments, although I don't think there were many kind thoughts as the wind came howling in from the field by the woods

I would like to thank the following people in no particular order:

The UKAHFT organisers for letting us have such a great event at LV and for putting their trust in me to get the whole thing together - cheers fellas

The Madley family for handling the booking in duties.

LV members who have been steadily improving the woods through the winter, providing solid mountings for targets. Dave Mansfield, wielding the chainsaw, Mike Carney, Clive and James Madley.

LV members who helped clear the course away.

Quinton and his crew for suppying us with top quality scoff all day.

Bob for manning the tea urn and the Help For Heroes bucket.

And finally a big thanks again to all who took part and my partners on the day, Dave Taylor and Ryan Martin, who probably were quietly chuckling as my score crumbled before my eyes! Must be nice to see the course designer getting shafted by his own course


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