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After a good year or more of trying differing methods to counter the conditions we can find ourselves shooting in (waterproofs in the mud, old exercise mat etc), I finally decided to order a shooting mat from Rangesports.
Reasons behind this were mainly the feedback I've read and also that the guys at Rangesport use the kit themselves and shoot in our sport.
Had a great chat with them yesterday morning, and hey presto! Mat arrived this morning - first impression: very solid bit of kit, comfy and wide enough for if and when I begin to expand. The pockets are good and the clear one will be great for range cards etc. For lugging around the handles are fine and the shoulder strap if needed will do the job, also folded it can cover your rifle and be used to carry it.
Looks like this could well be used as a sleeping mat when camping as well!
First trial tonight at the club (Lincs HFT) and the next at Kibworth.

Yep, Rangesport is the one I'd choose.


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