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Originally Posted by Alegazmoz View Post
Oh contraire cockle!!
Chilli has it's place, but condiments may not detract from the essential character of the basic catering burger.
Unless contained in liberal lashings of dynamite hot chilli-con-carne, chilli is deemed to detract from the overall character of the burger rather than enhance it.
The animal we are discussing here, are the offerings of the out-side event catering unit, rather than the domestic, or food chain varieties.
One non-descript meat pattie, catering sauce, no lettuce, no pickle, optional egg, bacon, cheese & onion, slung in an out-of-date bun.
A concept as far removed from a Big Mac, as KFC is from Chicken Kiev.
There's been so much interest in the art of burger tasting, I feel it may inspire a major movement at some future point, but using chilli sauce may adversely impact on such an outcome.

Keep on burglerin'

How very true, several burgers have indeed had that effect on me
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