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A question on mats ...

I have seen other posts on these and a lot of guys say that they don't bother unless it's "really bad". I feel that way too as I'm happy lying in the dirt but on occasion have been covered in sludge.

Trouble is ... How do you know it's "really bad"?

I've been to shoots where it's thrown it down all week but the shooting positions are fine. I've also been to shoots where it hasn't rained for ages but the positions are still mud baths. So recent weather isn't always a great guide.

In the worlds and nationals the peasants aren't allowed near the course before the start so how do you know whether to take a mat or not? Do you just throw it in the car and listen to the general mumblings of " it's a bit wet out there " filtering through from the course setters/organisers? Or do the folk from that shooting ground usually post in the pre shoot thread advising people to come prepared for lots of mud?


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