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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Cheers Fellas,not overly keen on 1st focal rets and as I range and shoot on the same mag its not really an issue,I guess it just depends on the thickness of the ret in the other.I like my 20/50 milldot ret but find the gen 2 milldot to big,but comp series fine how does the ret in the schmit compare to those?
Been asking myself similar. At moment I think I'd go ffp FT2 but if I do get one Ill be using it on 40 mag and I mag down for standers and will mag down for dark targets and bad heat haze.

If you find Gen 2 too big I think you'll find the FT 1 even bigger. I have Gen 2 FFP in a 40 mag VX3 and from my brief look at the FT 1 it was a "busier" ret and the centre crosshairs were thicker that was a 40 mag comparison. I like the design of that ret but it is a bit on the thick side in the ffp. As an aside S&B had the better resolution and shallower dof over the Leup but then I expected it to.
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