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Originally Posted by holly View Post
the optics on the BSA are not a patch on the 4200 . plus the busnel has rainguard lenses ??? HOLLY
I take your word for it Holly and no doubt you're right mate.Trouble is I have to try and balance usability
and cost at the minute,maybe later when I've given FT a try for a bit and decided I like it I'll get a 4200 and pass the BSA on to my son to try.I know the Bushnells are good though,I used a 3200 elite for a long time before getting the EB in HFT and loved it though I do think that the EBs have the edge.
Pitty they don't do an 8-32x44 EB Sniper in a price range that the average working family man can afford because it would be an awsome scope

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