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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
full marks to the man with an excessively large GC2 collection

Dave, the only problem you might have with a compromise scope is actual scope position. I found the scope position that was perfect for HFT was too far forward for FT, as when you zoom up from low to high mag, the eye relief generally reduces, making you crane your neck forward to get a good pic.

I tried the burris RA and later model with adjustable iris, both were not right for me.
I've thought about that as well Dave.Would an eye extension piece work?Put it on for FT take it off for HFT.

Decided to give the BSA 8-32x44 with a mill dot ret a try by the way...comes highly recommended by Fred who is using one for FT as well as HFT to good effect.

Just need to source somebody that could make me a wheel up as BSA never did one.

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