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Originally Posted by bigwalk View Post
A Bushnell 4200 8/32x40 will range find and works well at hft . Set on x9 mag and focous at 20 yards it's works fine. The rangefinding it quite close between 50&55 yards , you can buy a custom top turret to dial in your distance. The only issue now is scope hight, as you want it lower for hft , these scopes usualy come up for sale 300 used or new they are 475.

Dave i had one of these when i first started HFT and if set to 10 mag and 25yds px(that's what i used) it was more than capable of both FT and HFT. The 30/30 ret was fine as the top of the thick post was equal to 45yds on mine (arouund a mildot).
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