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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
This isn't a poll, for the reason I'm interested to know how much people spend on their scopes to get them on the gun and doing what they want them to be.

Irrespective of discipline.

How much do you spend on mounts, flip ups, enhancers, pointers, turrets, wheels, etc..?
I will be referring to my HW97k, being my main gun.

Mounts : Sportsmatch the fully adjustable ones if I remember correctly 65
Enhancer : DG from BAR I think they are 14
Pinter : Barry Taylor 20
Turret : Custom made by a good friend of mine given for free but these usually cost about 20
Side Wheel : Barry Taylor 60
Flip ups : Still trying to find a freakin Butler Creek size 54 or Weaver Polar Cap size U approx cost 15

I would say in total I have spent about 200 dressing up the new model Big Nikko once I manage to find decent flip ups and if I had to buy the top turret. It's definetaly more as all prices quoted are without postage I paid so it's easily well over 200!

Did I just say over 200 just to dress up the scope???

Damn it Rob, you have just made me realize how much money I have spent for the scope + accessories
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