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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
I've heard talk about depth of field and the advantage of using a smaller objective for HFT but not been technically minded I just look through a scope to see a target and shoot
My question is could a bigger objective,higher mag scope that could be used for FT also be affective for HFT if turned down to 10mag and the parallax left set at a required setting?
I'm wanting to have a dabble(not seriously) at FT but don't fancy having to keep changing scopes for HFT and so would be willing to compromise between the two if the set up would work.
Over to you guys what are your thoughts ?

It can be, but the bigger objective you go for, all else being equal, the depth of field will be shallower, so you may need to turn the mag down lower to achieve what you're used to in terms of the ranges that are in/out of focus.

Something like the 8-32x44's mentioned, or the burris RA version, may be a good comprimise. Personally I wouldn't worry about the scope height too much, set it how you are comfortable and go with that.
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