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Originally Posted by BOMBER View Post
You lot are reading far to much into my simple post just because its a small club does not mean that it is invitation only(OK I am fibbing yes it is) we are rebels so we where Grey not purple and candles are so last year we stand around the latest halogen I will have you know
Just to clear a few things up we will have Satanic masses of land to host open competitions or apply to host any comps, we are just a few like minded shooters who want to shoot without all the politics and ******** associated with our old clubs, and to that end it will be a small affair with a small number of shooters around 15 to start. With time the club could grow and develop more land in the vicinity and hold such competitions but this will take allot of patience and hard work. We are hoping that by this time next year we will have full zero range up with a covered shelter to shoot out of and a team to compete in the nationals
You see what im saying...........hmmm
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