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Years ago I used to spend hours weighing and batching pellets as the variation through a tin could be as much as a grain or more. So I'd weigh 500 and put all similar weights into film pots and then only use that weight until it ran out then move onto the next etc. A real ball-ache.

These days the variation with good pellets is minimal i.e I'll weigh ten random pellets and they'll weigh 84 grains, weigh another 10 and they'll be 85 grains, so it's just not worth waisting your time batching.

If you don't believe me, weigh pellets from a tin and find a good spread (if you can) say 8.1 to 8.9 grains, then weigh out another group that are identical in weight.
Shoot a best group at 50yds off the bench with the random weight spread pellets.
Then take a batch which weigh exactly the same and repeat the grouping alongside the first group, then compare. Any difference?

No, I didn't think so...
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