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Default Its not a public flogging

Originally Posted by swiftysue View Post
As requested
PM Me for my phone number so you can discuss the reason with me . you just get off on bullying one person ? you have not named the person with the ear plugs , or the person pointing the guns incorrectly , or the person who put the 15mm kill out at the wrong yardage .i have said I DID DISCUSS MY CARD WITH WHO I HAD BEEN TOLD TO .
I don't feel the need to name and shame Sue , I did my job as a marshall on the day is what I was trying to point out.
I have not singled you out ,I have merely pointed out that your card was dealt with incorrectly ,it has nothing to do with being a Bully.
The simple solution is for you to read the rules prior to an event and admit you were wrong and apologise to Alan and Terry for not showing their course the respect it deserved.
I'm not the slightest bit interested in what issue you had with your set up , just the fact you did things wrong.
I could ring you and listen to what ever excuse you have for a poor score ,it will not change the fact you did not follow procedure .
You shot every single target on the card I saw and missed 15 , I also assume you then fixed the problem to shoot the Sillies
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.