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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Simon is correct on what he is saying.
The rule was passed at the last AGM.
All cards to be handed in unless chief marshal signs it as DNF for a valid reason.

P.s I don't think Miss Swift is the only one missing...

Well done George One on your performance. Great shooting for your age and time you have been doing it.. you got great kit as well.!
Thanks for the support Andrew , I normally get hung out to dry
It has been brought to my attention that other cards were missing . I will be at the meeting on Wednesday evening as Purley chase Rep and we are trying to get something put in place to discourage people NOT handing in their cards.

Alan and Terry will have worked hard on Saturday to put out a good course , set for all to try their hand at.
Yes there was an error made on one lane with the numbering of the targets but mistakes happen.
I feel it is bad form for anyone to walk away with their card , giving little regard for the effort that volunteers have put in to ensure we enjoy our Sunday's shooting.

I had nothing to do with the course due to living over an hour away and family commitments with the kids , I tried to make up for that by Marshalling all morning and staying until all 40 targets ,strings ,plink and sillies had been packed away , left there about 4 ish.

All I am trying to point out is we are supposed to use the rules in place , if we don't do that why does anyone bother to drive to the BFTA/ MFTA meeting to try and make the game a level playing field.

As Marshall on Sunday I had to give a stern warning for one shooter carrying his rifle with the muzzle pointing up peoples noses , I had to remind one shooter to get his card signed for wearing ear plugs I also had to ask a shooter to move closer to the firing line , so i'm not singling out Sue just pointing out the correct procedure.
The other card was not handed in full stop ,but myself and Alan discussed Sue's card and requested that it was put in for grading.
If there was a genuine reason for the DNF then it should have been signed off by Alan , and it was not.
Alan was the Chief Marshall for the day and his word should be final , after all that's the rules .
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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