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One thing you should watch out for though is if you use the Hamster extension rods.
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but i'll explain.

When I bought my extension rods from Bonds Airgun Spares I had to trim them down as I shoot HFT, having made centre to barrel from bottom of hamster was in line with HFT rules I did get some comments at my last comp, I even offered for it to be measured but I was told 'na don't worry', anyway as soon as I got home I re measured them & yes they were too long, by 1mm, very sorry about this btw.

I have now removed them both but while at the club at the weekend I noticed if the hamster was pushed all the way up it made the noise from the stripper change considerably also changed POI.

The rifle seemed to produce a spluttering noise but once the Hamster was pulled out a little, no contact made the rifle a lot quitter & POI improved, so be careful when positioning the Hamster so it does not make contact with the action inside.

One rod will hit metal the other hits the small foam pad (put there to deaden the air blast from the 'air release hole' from the reg I think), anyway just a useless bit of info for you.

If the rifle is running well you should not even have to check zero each week as it seems to keep it bang on, not allowing for any knocks you may give it though in transit :-)
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