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Default update

well I spoke to the place I bought my nikko from today and they have told me to return it and they will have a look,

I took my large rowan sidewheel off and when the parallax was set to 10 yrds there was no movement at all , it was only when I adjusted it to 30yrds that the play started in the wheel. at 55yrds the wheel would move around 6-8mm top to bottom which was annoying to say the least, with the standard wheel on it was not as bad but once the rowan was fitted it just magnified the problem with it being a larger wheel (180mm)

anyways the good news is its been boxed up and posted so just need to wait and see what the results are now but the company I bought it from have been excellent so heres hoping for a good end result

cheers Bob

ps, my other nikko has showed no signs of this problem
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