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Big thanks to Dave, Nikki and all the Keighley guys and gals for a thoroughly enjoyable day! And a massive pat on the back for your brushcutter guy; he's awesome! You've put in some work that's for sure.

That was a cracking course, every lane was different. Something for everybody: a great mix of angles, some long and some short, high and low positioning but not ridiculous. Courses like that are why I shoot FT to be honest. It's not purely a freestyle target event shot outside; you have to think about how you're going to position yourself as well as just dial the range and think what wind to give. In fact thinking back, for me it's one of the most enjoyable WL courses I've ever shot! Shooting a course like that with a springer is how FT was for me back in the day. FT as God intended!

Also big thanks to Nikki for the company and Keith for the comic relief! D: Well done Keith, dropping 3 on that course was some shooting!

Lastly thanks to the Keighley rimfire boys for the have a go session. I seem to be better at standing with a Cz carbine than with an FT rig!
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