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Default Cambridge HFT 09/10/2016

A beautiful autumnal morning, dry, bright, breezy.
And what a breeze it was; sometimes hard, sometimes soft (even though all the signs were that it was blowing a gale), sometimes not at all (edge of the wood, 45yards, ivy bouncing up and down: pellet flies straight), sometimes swirling round and round. It turned a supposedly gentle course into something quite challenging, even for the more experienced among us.
I hope the newcomers (of whom there were a fair few) were not unduly put off; it's not always like this, honest.
Top shot goes to Mr Woods, I hope he managed to keep his gun dry in the brief shower.

Open class
Richard Woods 58
Neil Wakelin 57
Clive Pressland 56
Steve Youngs 55
Ray Hampton 54
Jenny Stone 53
Jack Houghton 52
Geoff Ryder 51
Matt Rawlings 51
Glen Law 51
Colin Wilson 51
Melanie Wakelin 50
Gordon Smith 49
Alex Honeywell 49
Keith Warburton 49
Jill Cochrane 48
Joanne Cogger 48
Des Morris 48
Glenn Pickard 48
Jamal Masonov 46
Scott Coe 45
Andy Ireland 45
Graham Mason 45
Martin Slane 45
Simon Eley 44
John Houghton 44
Murad Abdullah 43
Mark Mcarthy 43
Andy Yates 42
John Osmond 41
Steve Hermitage 41
David Sanderson 41
Nigel Fleet 39
Colin Bass 38
Ricky Keneally 36
Graham Bass 34
John Simpson 32
Steve Merret 29
Andy Cousins 27
Anthony Bass 18
James Dixon DNF

.22 class
Jeff Westley 50
Chris Wells 49
Kev Turner 45
Dan Measures 45
Pearce Honeywell 41
Justin Rhone 40
Dave Sainty 39
Dean Auger 37
Matt Mousley DNF

Recoiling class
Rex Bennet 49
Wayne Pearce 48
Steve Martin 47
Jake Day 46
Simon Jones 45
Andy Day 44
Stuart Smart 43
Dave George 39
Paul Hadfield DNF

Veteran class
Mike Isaac 50
Ian Bainbridge 48
Bill Chaplin 45
Finn Cochrane 44
Mel Marshall 44
Ken Phillips 38
Alan Measures 36

Juniors class
Olly Fleet 48
Lara Jones 41
Arthur Wells 37
Naomi Smith 34
Lewis Botting 25
Holly Dixon DNF

Next shoot is NOT on the 23rd, as everyone will be going down to Malden to shoot the Masters (figuratively speaking).
A shoot is tentatively scheduled for the 27Th December, if you can manage to fit into your trousers. The traditional Christmas shoot will be on the 11Th, don't forget to bring a raffle prize.
Finally, I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing a speedy recovery to Mr Currie.

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