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The problem arises from many manufacturers still modelling their pcp stocks on springer stocks that were used with iron sights and therefore had a low comb, and the springer barrels were much lower than a pcp's in a similar position to the air res!
These days nearly everyone uses a scope and has to put up with a stock that is not ideal or change it.

It is good that BSA have put this on their lower end Ultra, it probably means we will se it on the models higher up their range in the future too.

I don't think the aftermarket stock makers need to worry yet though, it will take for ever for them to produce anything really good! How long has the pcp been around? and they are only just starting to make a high enough cheek piece that can be adjusted properly for a scope! We just need the forestock inletting and pistol grip sorting and we wont have to replace them with aftermarket ones!

The things we change and tailor to increase our HFT scores would also increase an hunters hit rate. I get the impression some manufacturers think a rifle designed for HFT is a niche product rather than something that would be far better suited to general shooting than the present offerings.
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