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I've not had feedback from the website yet, not surprising being the weekend.

When I did the chrony readings with Accupell pellets. Great grouping at 10m so was very happy.
Went to the club, were you use their pellets and grouping was all over plus the noise made me look at the silencer, which is how I span the barrel.
Yesterday I removed the action, tightened the grubscew and then rezero the scope. Grouping was all over. All I had with me was the RWS Hobby pellets. I didnít realise that pellet type was so sensitive over 10m.
I went out to 15m and obviously it was no better. After a nights sleep, I tested the Accupell and Hobbies side by side. Hobbies were 30-40mm over 15m, the Accupell was 15mm.

Iíve just gone and bought son AA diablo field and at 15m theyíre literally making 1 big hole, its fantastic and Iím smiling from ear to ear.

I'll let you know what the factory says about the barrel, but I can live with the slide on silencer if the rifle hots something like straight.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
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