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Originally Posted by Keith t View Post
A fellow shooter was looking at one the other day, and decided to 'test' it on his forehead. He survived with only a small red spot on the forehead. We wondered what would have happened had he taken a <12fpe pellet at 50m/55yds? Don't think he would have been brave enough though
Don't say I have to start putting health warnings on them

I learned quite a lot about collision impact force while I was developing the tester.. it has the equivalent impact force of a .177 pellet travelling at about 500 fps, but the damage a pellet would do to soft tissue is going to be much worse ( just saying, so you're not tempted to try the test with a pellet ).

The tester puts out about 0.08 FPE of Kinetic energy, but it's not KE that knocks a target over, it's momentum.
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