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You seem to like the Nikko. Are you considering an early one or a MK3 with the covered turrets? Some prefer the early scopes due to their shorter eye relief. Both can do the job. I've looked through loads and I'm not sure their are too many bad ones but do check! If possible try to get an experienced shooter to have a look as even a bad Nikko will probably look fairly good in isolation to the inexperienced.

Although Nikkos are not super expensive (very far from cheap though) lots of expert shooters use them though choice rather than economic necessity. If you are comfortable with the weight then they are very effective and stable rangefinders and the optics are good enough to do the job.

If you get one SH and look after it you will more-or-less get your money back if you decide to sell, there's always a buyer for a decent Nikko which, to a certain extent, speaks for itself.

As much as anything there are no tricks or quirks with Nikkos. There is little to learn.
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