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Default BSA Ultra XL

I have always been a fan of the BSA guns, they are robust, easily modified dependable have good barrels and with work can be made into a very competitive rifle. Some of them are even quite good out of the box!
Having had a few chats with them over the years on the subject of stock design I am delighted to see they have now finally produced an adjustable cheek piece with less change in width that is in line with the barrel. Fore and aft head movement to close the sight picture down to eliminate px error or get better clarity for a shot and even different head positions used in prone and upright shots etc wont affect eye alignment as much. It would be even better if it didn't drop away at the back!
I cant help feeling it is like putting lipstick on a pig though fitting it on a thumbhole ambi stock with a reeeaaalllly deep pistol grip!! (but more vertical, that's good!) Still at least there is hope they will improve it further in the future?!

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