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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Great shots Andy though it didn't look wet or windy enough to be a usual Carrisbroke fixture....
Well it was rather wet on the Saturday Colin and the wind on Sunday was a very sneaky one.
The field had the zeroing boards out and some were getting 3-4" + of movement as well as being pushed high. Then the next shot would get nothing.

Target 9 had the most misses (25 so less than half the field got it) as a freestyle followed by targets 2, 6 and 29 (distances 52, 43, 42 and 55 and over 20 misses seen on each)
Target 14 most misses as a stander followed by 28 (28yds and 37yds respectively )

Only 1 target had numerous misses on 1 side (number 30 at 42yds) and all no more than 20mm from edge of kill.

Very much what happens when you pulled the trigger type of course.
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