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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Thanks that makes for a good read with some interesting points.

I've been shooting mine today and it doesn't seem to be particularly hold sensitive, no POI movement between stances and it can shot off of the floor (HFT prone position). I have only been shooting at 27y but thus far it shoots ok. However in my opinion I could do with an additional 20-25fps.

I'm going to put some more pellets through it to about the 750 pellet mark and then re-chrono. I have emailed Steve Pope with my findings. In theory it would add up that the piston seal is too tight within the compression chamber as the washers make no difference to the muzzle velocity.

Just out of curiosity what lubricant are you using around the piston seal, I've only dabbed the tiniest amount of Molly grease around the outside edge of the seal.
LUBE .......?........blimey , whole subject all on it's own .

Everybody has a favourite, ranging from nothing at all , to copperslip ,to some very exotic products and home made concoctions ......

it's very subjective , and easy to get side tracked ,dazzled and seduced .

I would suggest in your case , ask steve pope's advice as to what he knows to work , how much and where with his seals ........
feel free to let us know ......

after that ,........
bearing in mind that i may well know booger all about nothing ............

...i've been using the stoopidly expensive krytox or sometimes dry moly
...i know that nick g supplies a lube with his kits so, worth a look / ask
....walther supply lubes with their piston kits a teeny bit of that if you fancy a smidge

and then this is a good read from a man who knows stuff......yeah its blagged from another forum .....

this subject could easily develop into a dedicated thread ......
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