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Originally Posted by Kcjohandby View Post
Ayup mate it depends on the pellet to.tx barrels seem to vary in size alot im tuning one now n he sent me aa 8.44 in 4.52 which seem very tight in barrel so i put my jsb 8.44 in 4.53 n i git a difference of 30 fps without doin anything so check tht for the vmach kit cant say much bout them but took one out of one im tuning cause the seal went they dnt seem to be very gud seals but just my opinion
I've tried a variety of pellets and they haven't changed velocity by more than 10fps. Ive not really had a lot of experience with V Mach kits but I've heard nothing but good things about them. I'll be intrigued on what the outcome of this is from Steve, just out of curiosity what seal are you using?
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