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Default AA TX 200 MK 1 v Mach dramas

Evening all.

Ok so as a tiny bit of background information I've decided to reintroduce life into a TX200 mk1 in .177 that has been locked away in my gun cupboard for a few years now. I've just fitted a v Mach kit and the rifle is only going over the chrono with 8.44's between 722-730 Fps. With previous internals I was only achieving 740 Fps with the exact same pellets. I've tried adding additional washers but that has no real affect.

So it's led me to think possibly the rifle is leaking air on firing. I've done a small amount of googling and it seems that the if under lever maintaining tension on the piston it can cause this. I've removed the underlever retainer from under the barrel and cocked and load the rifle and the under lever won't stay in its desired position, it drops approx 40mm below the barrel. So is it safe to assume that there is no tension being applied to the piston when firing thus causing air to leak from the breech as there isn't a seal.

If this is the case does anybody have a fix for it?

I'd appreciate any input.

Thanks again,

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