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Default Good night

Originally Posted by Piemanlarger View Post
I was lucky last time, hit the first 4 targets then the sidewheel fell off so i got to take lots of photos of my friends getting a soaking or sliiping down the mudlsides, more than once!

I think if its raining this year the party may go on furthe than planned saturday night?

No Berty

Will have to find another caberet artist now
Oh Simon, I remember that night so well, shame you dont eh. I mean you are a man who has a regular sip of the alcoholic beverage and I merely dronk a couple of times a year. Oh and yes I drunk you under the table that night.

I remember fondly having to drag you out of bed to get ready for the shoot bless. I also remember you couldnt shoot due to being so ill, you were so green in the gills as well haahaa......

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