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Originally Posted by Gunit-006 View Post
Hi Tench.

How do you work out the twist rate? I've heard this couple of times but no sure on what it is... I'm guessing it's how the pellet rotates.
Best way is to get a cleaning rod, stick a patch on the end as if to clean the barrel and carefully push into the bore keeping it straight with no sideways pressure on the crown.

Work it up and down to get it nice and smooth, then push until almost fully into the barrel. Take some black insulation tape and wrap around the cleaning rod and make into a 'flag' that sticks out the side, this will show the rotation rate.

Make a note of where the 'flag' position starts then slowly & smoothly pull the cleaning rod out stopping when it makes ONE complete rotation. Obviously you must allow the rod to rotate, so hold in such a way that it can freely move.
Now carefully measure from the muzzle end to the bottom of the tape in inches, whatever this reads is your twist rate and is written as 1:16, 1:17 etc meaning 1 twist of the rifling in X inches.

Repeat this a couple of times just to make sure you have a correct value.
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