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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
The S5 in the number is for the number of times the die has been used I believe. I've never seen one higher than 5.
I don't know about AA pellets, but i've got records and indeed had batches with higher die use numbers on that on JSB exact and JSB exact express, all the way up till 9. Question is what happens at 10???

I'm not sure what defines the die being 'used'. I've got the same batch number, with a different inspection number, both marked as 0. I've also got a batch where all the numbers are the same and it goes from 0 to 1 as well as going from 4.51 to 4.52

I've also got records showing die use number going from 2 in 4.52 to 9 in 4.51 with the same supposed batch number.

I kind of think that you want to match all the numbers, or else all bets are off.
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