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My wife makes Very expensive Artist Teddy Bears for Hamley's in London.
She had an e-mail off a very good customer asking if she was selling her Bears on e-bay as there were some on there that looked familiar.
I checked it out. The woman selling them had apparently had a dream about a certain style of Bear in the middle of the night, woke up and managed to do a sketch before going back to sleep. This she put in the e-bay description.
Fair enough you would think. Could be genuine, this dream happened 6 months previous.
So this woman started making them.
The problem she then had was me asking why she had blatantly copied the exact design of my wife's bears, height, shape, style and features.

She totally denied it - right up to the point where I pointed out that my wife had come 2nd in a National competition down in Brighton with exactly that style of bear 6 years earlier. In fact hers and my wifes bears could pass as twins.
The photo's had been put in the Teddy Bear Times magazine. The Magazine afforded my wife copyright for the image.
The stupid woman had even put the same coloured ribbon round it's neck.

She no longer makes the same design of Bear as it could have cost her 1000's in compensation. My wife was over the moon, as were Hamley's.

Just occasionally it is easy to sort out. And the Governments "Intellectual Property Office" is only too ready to help the little guy.

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