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Hello all
Review writing is not my strong point so I will list what I have found the pros and cons to be with the scope soo far

I have been using the scope for a few months now and found it to be very clear and precise with the range finding.
it weighs 29 Oz.
The turrets are very clear and have a very positive click to them.
The reticule for me is great as there is nothing in the top half of the scope allowing very easy range finding with no obstructions.
To compare the scope in range finding it is somewhere between the leupold and the sightron ( it is not quite as slow focusing as the leupold but not as snappy as the sightron until the very last half yard on the longer targets.
It seems to stand up to recoil
It also seems to deal well with temp shift, moved 3-4 yards in extreme heat.
Lifetime warranty including accidental damage.
Price is looking to be 1450

The reticule is very fine! Can be lost if not concentrating fully.could do with an illuminated reticle
Scope only comes down to 12 yards, I haven't reparalaxed this as it is on loan. Leupold close focus works a treat at the moment.

Sorry if the spelling is not up to much I'm on my phone!
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