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Originally Posted by Peter M View Post
Thanks for all the replies lads.
I'm still struggling to find a pellet the HW100 actually likes. So far H&N ftt are the best of a pretty disappointing selection allthough I'm going to start testing with slightly smaller pellets in the future as I've been led to believe the wheirauch barrels actually have an internal diameter of 5.51.

I'd been a bit dismissive of the high mounts but I think I should have an experiment. I suppose chairguns allways an option for comparisons at the very least.
Peter, the HW100 .22 barrel is quite unique in that it only has 6 rifling grooves/lands, this can allow soft light pellets that accelerate faster to skip the rifling. They do seem to be best with harder pellets with the H+N FTT often being the best. Jsb 13.4/14.3are always worth a try but some HW100's often the carbines don't like them. The 14.3gn Crossman Premier pellets might be worth a go?
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