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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Is that for real, surely even Simon couldn't make that setup work?
LoL, yes it is for real, I have tried all sorts of scope heights and the setup in that picture is the best yet! I did miss a close one with it though! but the trade off is worth it! There is no right or wrong, mount height is quite personal, you choose your height to close the aimpoints up at the ranges you struggle with most and have them wide apart where you can range well.

Tom, Many a true word spoke in jest, this made me laugh! " you've paid for all those mil-dots on your scope so why not use them" I am 5 dots below the peak of trajectory at 8 yards!!

I am going to make one more small change to the mounts then I am done! Got a few other tweaks to do on the action/stock package too but it is getting very close to being the best I can get it.
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