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Three rifles were on my short list:-


Having shot Tench's, my mind was made up.

Love mine to pieces.
Trigger - Superb
Lock time - Superb
Balance - Superb
Deader than King Tut.

Couldn't get the original barrel to work for me (suitable for 10m - definitely..... 12ftlb work ????)
got a BSA Barrel on it now and its totally predictable for wind now with superb groupings at 40 yards (i'm talking pellet on pellet near as damn).
Jens Lothar Walther barrel seems equally at home in her Annie and the way she's knocking down the tin chickens, another superb modification.

Tench does a great job at converting them, which is quite involved, and like any good well built rifle, only needs minimal maintenance (if it ant broke-don't fix it).

Its a keeper as far as i'm concerned.

I'd put mine up against any rifle out there for the same money. Its just me that lets it down, but the more i use it, the better were getting to know each other.

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