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Default Mmmmmm....

Well done on your days win Jamie, but how can I put this , you mister!

I hope some Lincs come to the last Extreme at Emley (this Saturday 24th) and f..k up your final awards like you did to theirs, it'd serve you right! ( See what I did there? goading with parallels between it being the last Extreme, and the last round at Lincs, and them both being hard, and if any of them do come I hope Emley, who Dean Corfield AND Jamie Jackson are members of, show these flatlanders what a hard course is all about)

After all N.E.F.T.A did regain their honour after certain shooters had embarressed themselves at Lincs...(Me and Simon! )

Ps. remember some time ago I mentioned Day-Dreaming about HFT comps......
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