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Originally Posted by The Dictator View Post
Monday, the return.
I wont go into this as it was pretty much the reversal of the outward journey, with more cannon fodder chucked onto an earlier flight.
One interesting development was that whilst having our guns inspected at Heathrow airport in the red section of customs, Steve Edmondson broke down in tears and confessed that the gun he was holding was in fact a front for his international drug smuggling empire. I believe he's still with them.
A quick update on my situation..
Got home and found a couple of rifles in my case !!!!--- No Surprise there !!

No drugs found on me so they had to let me go....... eventually.....

The good news is, ... my prostrates fine at the moment, but i'm still walking a little funny..

In all honesty, though, what a cracking weekend.
Cant wait for next year to come round now .

Join The HFT Crowd.
Visit foreighn shores.
Meet new people.

And shoot their Tin Chickens !!!!


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