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So after making all that noise how did our N.E.F.T.A day trip to LINCS go? Well we only went and....KICKED ***!!! Jamie Jackson with the days win !

.Dean Corfield taking 3rd in the overall series.!

...and from the underlings young Darren Percival (who's shooting is going from strength to strength, even though I hate him..! ) gives the rest of us a hammering with a solid 50, this at Lincs don't forget on his second trip...Well Done.

1 Jamie Jackson 55 Open Days Winner

7 Dean Corfield 51 Open Third Overall

12 D Percival 50 Open N.E.F.T.A Day trip (P.A.R.C) WINNER!
22 D Gallagher 46 Open
23 Lee Ellis 46 Open
25 Glen Walsh 45 Open
28 Steve Battye 44 Recoiling Days Win recoiling
33 J Stonehouse 40 Open
35 Tom O'Brien 40 .22 Er, ...........Winner?

38 M Allsop 38 went home gutted......days loser.

Thanks again to the guys at Lincs, it's been an eye opener...and why am I so positive about these guys and their shoot? They were aware that ONE .22 shooter was attending, not some higher scoring big name, just an average Joe (Me) and they go round every target, ruining some of their own work making sure that every shot can be taken with a .22...going as far as taking a shot at it themselves with a .22 to make sure!! This course was up in trees, had a target SWINGING on a platform 35ft up in the air must have taken ages to do and then they re-do a couple just so everybody (one fella) can get them...other course setters may have considered it , thought a bit, then said "Ah..Feck him.." but not these guys. Glad I finally got to shoot the 'swinger' as that was the target that initially got our interest after hearing Lee Ellis' description of it " Swinging 8ft across, I swear! " at the start of the year. Well done to the overall league winner JOHN 79 and regarding the days shoot off....Mmmmm, interesting shot placement on target one me thinks... Thanks again to the 'Gruesomes... that course must have taken some ladder work!!! ' ( Regarding 'return the favour' The guys at Emley have an Extreme event on Saturday 24th, next Saturday, if you fancy it Nick..)
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