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Default FT: Bipod use during range finding allowed?

I have got I question about the WFTF rules for which I could not find an answer in the rule documents on the WFTF website or the WFTC2016 website .

The situation was brought up by a shooter with a knee and hip injury. It is not possible for him to get in the sitting FT position without great discomfort and pain. He would like to use the prone position instead using a rifle sling to stabilize the position.

The difficulty that rises for him is the range finding, or better: the turning of the sidewheel to do the range finding. With the left arm holding the rifle in the prone position it is quite difficult to use the right hand to turn the wheel.
This shooters asks if he can rest the rifle on a bipod for the range finding?
And after the range finding is done adopt the prone shooting position and shoot the target.

The rules say that no part of the gun may contact the ground during shooting.

WFTF Rule 8.8. FREE POSITION - The shooter may use any shooting position that is safe and comfortable to the shooter. No other means of support, other than the shooter, shall be used for the rifle or body. The rifle cannot contact the ground. No body straps are allowed.

So the question probably boils down to whether the "range finding position" is considered to be a "shooting position" or not ?
Or if "range finding" is "shooting"?
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