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I have a MK 1 with my ally o ring piston in it at 25mm diameter, I like it but for a sporting / fun / plinker it may seem a little fast for some people , I have been doing experiments with 21mm and 22mm comp tubes and now have the 22( making 11.2 ft lb) in my Target gun as it gives the best balance of shot cycle ( civilised) and sight picture movement( minimal), The 21 is very close to it with a softer cycle but it moves more so the 21 will probably end up in my mk1 with a standard stock.
Still experimenting with it though, I had it measured with a clever blokes accelerometer rig with a light gate on the end of the barrel, and it turns out it has a quicker shot development time than an R10 !

Getting back to your standard mk1 a very nice first tune involves using an lgu, or lgv seal and lightening the piston to 200 grm, with the standard spring, makes the power easily and very nice cycle with less movement.
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