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Default AA tx200 mk 1

I've recently rediscovered I had a AA TX200 Mk1 sat in my gun cupboard and I've decided that it's time it got some use. I have acquired a PW stock and have polished the relevant Sears on the trigger mechanism and have got it as good as I think it could be.

Now the firing cycle of the rifle seems a tad sluggish and "twangy". Over the chrono it's running in the 750fps region with jsb 8.4's. The firing cycle is by no means smooth, nothing like my LGV. I have had it to bits and although there seems to be nothing a miss with the current internals they most definitely look like they are past there best.

Now I know v Mach used to produce tuning kits but I also know there may well be others that produce something better. This rifle is nearly as old as I am so I'd really like to get it up and running as sweet as it could be. So gents hit me with suggestions.

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