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Default Pride!

Don't be apologetic about having the guts to shoot's more often, when other shooters say " .22, nah mate ya' won't hit anything with that! ", the case that they simply won't step outside the .177 PCP comfort-blanket! Look at Cambridge, many .22..many regular scoring over 50's, look to Scottish Nick..always 50+ in the scores and finally there's that other fella who recently started shooting .22 and has taken to destroying .177 ers will to live,...but I can't remember his name..( he he..), then there's shooters like me, recently stuck in a 38-42 repetitive time warp, but I love the calibre and the challenge because when I get it right again the feeling of achievement is more than just another .177er...also you've paid for all those mil-dots on your scope so why not use them? .22 is the bedrock of air rifle shooting and deserves it's place in the tables, hey if everybody shot the same we'd get tired of shooting with each other, or something.....lastly don't be a hero and use 15.9 ers like I did at first, there are many options available, the best being JSB JUMBO EXPRESS at 14.3 and HN FIELD TROPHY at 14.66, these lighter pellets completeley change the game for a .22er....and thats advice right from the top!!!
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