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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I'll see if I can persuade some of the lads from Donny Airgun Range to come out and give it a go - I'm sure they'd appreciate it if some more experienced shooters came out to play as well.

It's the people that make it a good day, not the set of rules you shoot to and NEFTA lads are the best in the World (probably)
Brian, myself and Mark would be happy to take one of the new lads around the course.

Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
I can't commit to the whole series Chris but I'm thinking of dipping my toe in yes I've got a big Nikko on top of the wardrobe that I've never used in anger but think sft will be either a "stepping stone" to that weird sitting down shooting or confirm I'm a 100% mud roller?
Beware Mick....SFT is addictive.
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