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I took a liking to the 8002 S2 last year after seeing Jennie Stones rifle. I ordered one up and converted it to 12ft/lb, shot it through the Daystate winter series last year and finished 2nd behind James Mc. Then won the Worlds with it. Theresa Reed is now using it in the ladies UKAHFT.
I also converted some for other people, Steve Edmondson who's scores have come on in leaps and bounds and also John Ferrier, who is about the win the Lincs series with his! (sorry Mark) :-)

These were all the Black Air version of the 8002 S2. It is in my opinion one of if not the best action available but does require machining work to get it up to 12ft/lb.

Oh and Richard woods has just won the HFT Euro's with his and is odds on favourite to take the UK title too! Not one of my conversions though.

It is a stabilised action, very dead to shoot, with a very adjustable fantastic trigger with a light hammer and valve, the hammer and reg is adjustable between shots with no dismantling of the action allowing for superb setting up. It is a beautifully designed and well made action. With maybe the exception of the stabiliser release sear but insulating it with a tape cushion prevents any failures. Quick fill retaining the gauge is available too.

Not many of these rifles about yet but I can see that changing over coming years! I might even build myself another in .22! There isn't another rifle at any price I would choose for myself over one of these, except maybe the later versions of the same action, 9015 One etc!
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