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Originally Posted by Piemanlarger View Post
Thats a poor excuse for missing it, try some more beans in your bag, or move left /right! Certainly, the target was in no way illegal
Simon theres enough beans plus me fat bum I went left right back the only place I would have seen it would be over the line I could see the undergrowth in the bottom of the scope and thats aound 2 1/2to 3" than the barrel tried twice first hit the stick on ground you could see the fresh pellet on the bark so try all places to see target second time seen it stick 2" below kill and 2 1/2" to the right side and the wind was from the right this target I had to shoot kneeling in the summer series for that reason
My knees were giving serious gipe and had been all week so was not going to do it kneeling again

back on track how was your zero

he may like the lashes
mike a target must be seen from all postions
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