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Originally Posted by Piemanlarger View Post
Practise was to say the least Windy

Groups were not great but all else seemed ok. quick chrono check showed 804, 811, 811, 804 so fine.

Cleanerd he barrel and things got back on track. Groups tightened and all was well
Had a mini comp with Countorik and his super light walther/Comp leup (2300 ish?). I was amazed how much lighter it is than my Njr /Falcon (550 ).
Anyway, i hit 5 x 32 yard standers (with my gimp coat undone!) and 9 x 22 yard staders, pulled the one to make him feel better. This with a gun that seems twice the weight and really starts to pull you arm down after a couple of standers!
He hit 5 x 40 yard standers and 4 @ 22 yards!

May even have a bash at the sillywets this year at gps?
He's got an excuse it's not his action even though he claims it's better than his
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