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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Looks schmooks. It's how it shoots that matters. That unless you're going to put it on the bedroom wall and look at it.

But I think it's a good thing there's now a few manufacturers getting into FT, and not only on the gun side. I know companies that are engaging with the sport are reaping rewards.
I wish they hadn't availed themselves of these opportunities Rob. From my viewpoint and experience of their customer care......Daystate are the last company on earth who deserve a slice of the FT market. (Hadn't they already turned their backs on us in favour of the 'premium' plinker market')

The rifle might well turn out to be excellent, and for its Russian manufacturer, I sincerely hope it does well for them. The spoiler is 'DAYSTATE' engraved on the action.

The introduction of this rifle just smacks of an attempt to reap the benefits (profit) of entering the FT market, for the minimum investment possible. They'll never get any of my money, ever.

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