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With that Deben on there I'd guess the picture is of Stuart Hancox's rifle? I did shoot an Ataman once and it seemed to suffer from a bouncy hammer, whether that was a bad one or the design has improved over time I don't know. It's a bit sad that a British company won't spend the money to develop their own gun but when you look at the size of the market maybe that's no surprise? Most of the popular FT guns are recycled 10m rifles, even the FTP900 has loads of RN10 DNA. For the sale of perhaps scores of rifles rather than 100s or 1000s you can see why Daystate have gone this way and bought a gun in.

I'm sure the gun will be effective and accurate. Whether people will want to spend that much wedge on that gun; time will tell. Just how good is that trigger? What does it handle like? Looks real long to me. I presume it has a regulator?

It does look like it comes with loads of kit (butt hook/hamster) that people tend to nail on afterwards, so it's got that part right anyway. Daystate could have done worse that to reintroduce the CRX with a better trigger...
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